The History of Bohemian or Boho Style

The History; Bohemian Style or Boho Style

The History of Bohemian or Boho Style. The so-called Bohemian Style, or shortly known as Boho Style, appeared quite a few decades ago. Since then, it continuously came back into the attention of fashion designers and fashion houses. It has been resurrected and reinvented in numerous seasons. Bringing back the nostalgia of the times when our parents and grandparents were young and living life to the fullest. But, when did Boho Style actually emerge? And what made it so popular? The answers to these questions and other details will be in the lines that follow.

  • The Bohemian or Boho Style, it is much older than the hippie movement,

Believe it or not, Bohemian style is been around more two centuries already. Yes, Boho Style is a part of the fashion background of our world for 200 years already. Preferred mostly by artists and those that adopted a more unconventional lifestyle. So, in time, writers, musicians, but also intellectuals, preferred a clothing style that did not meet the patterns of their times. Preferring to be a bit more different than the rest. Thus, back then, pretty much as in our present days. Bohemian Style clothes with a loose cut and lively colors and patterns. Bohemians also loved wearing long hair, regardless if they were men or women. It was impossible not to notice a crowd formed out of such individuals. Who cared less about the structures of society or traditional beliefs. The followers of Boho style could be wealthy or poor, as they did not have the same interests as the rest of their society.

  • Like many other fashion styles, the Boho Style or Bohemian Style was born in France

With an obvious attraction toward culture and the arts. France was also very implicated in fashion and everything else connected to personal care. Bohemian Style born of a social counter-movement due to the French Revolution. Considering that back in the days, artists had rich patrons that supported their actions and lives, after the Revolution they had all these privileges taken away from them. Thus, most artists ended up in poverty and wearing clothes that went out of fashion. But, once the Romantic Movement emerged in the eighteenth century. The artist ceased to be just a skilled person, characterizing himself more like an eccentric person. Practically, the artists began seeing himself or herself as an actual piece of art, choosing a dress code and lifestyle that was entirely different from the rest. In the eyes of the common people. The lifestyle of this new generation of artists was compared to the nomadic Gypsies. Because the belief that gypsies came from Bohemia, which was a region somewhere between the Balkans and Eastern Europe, the artists got themselves the name of Bohemians.

  • Time passed, Bohemian Style or Boho Style remained

As the centuries passed, Bohemian Style remained, since it is a freer lifestyle. Thus, in the 19th century, the Aesthetic Movement appeared, out of the desire of some people to escape the rigid rigors of the Victorian regime. Thus, those that embraced the Aesthetic Movement adopted a clothing style that taken from the medieval times. The clothing items of this period loose cuts and were made out of soft materials. They also used natural dyes to color the clothes and handmade decorations applied or sewed on the clothes. Every clothing item that was tight and restrictive, such as the corsets, were entirely refused.

  • Our modern days Boho Style

The hippies are probably the group of people that represent Bohemian Style best in our modern times. Again, this is a lifestyle that born with a generation of young people that care less about the materialistic values of life, preferring to live in a free and careless manner. Of course, this particular style became more a mainstream one and it got softer, easier to digest by most people. Thus, it is possible to find Boho Style clothing that is going to use easily and with a lot of variety in your favorite accessories and clothes. The biggest advantage of this style is that it offers comfortable clothes, due to their loose cuts. Also, the materials are usually in beautiful, bright colors, so wearing accessories is not always necessary. In other words, you can obtain a pleasant look with minimum effort.

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Why Boho fashion never goes out of style

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