Origin of the Vintage Bohemian Warm Beanie

Origin of the Vintage Bohemian Warm Beanie

The cold season is slowly approaching. So it is the best time to invest in something that will keep you warm, just like the beanie. It was scientifically proven that the human body loses much heat through its extremities, like feet, hands, and head. So it is always a good idea to keep these parts protected on cold weather. This way, you will prevent the heat of your body from escaping. The beanie is ideal when it comes to covering your head and staying warm on cold weather. Moreover, if you want to be chic at the same time, go for the vintage Bohemian warm beanie. If you’re not sure whether this type of hat is the right kind for you, just take a look below.

  • A short history of the beanie

The beanie is a type of hat preferred both by children and adults alike when the cold season arrives. However, how did it appear? What led to the development of nowadays beanie, which most of us wear? Well, believe it or not, traces take us back to the land of Wales, approximately 1000 years ago. It appears that the first beanie hats appeared at some point in the 12th or 13th century. They appeared as an accessory for women and were made mainly out of taffeta, velvet, or satin, which may have been decorated with handmade embroidery. At first, the beanie hat was not called “beanie,” as it was given the name of “Monmouth” hats, after the name of the place where the first hats of this kind ever appeared.

Ever since the moment they appeared, the beanie was a clear reflection of quality. Those that manufactured this type of hats were obsessed with details and only used the best materials available. Starting with the 15th century and going up to the 18th century, the beanie of those days started looking pretty much in the same manner as the modern knitted beanie looks like. Because the city of Monmouth was located in the south part of Wales, sheep wool of the best quality was used for the making of these hats. In time, not just women wore this type of hat. Models destined for men were also made so that sailors and soldiers started wearing Monmouth beanies as well. Manufacturers even found a way to make the wool of these hats waterproof, by felting it.

  • It ended up being a mandatory clothing item both in England and Wales

Believe it or not, the beanie became so much appreciated that it ended up being a mandatory clothing item at the church on Sunday, both in Wales and England. A fun fact about these early beanies is that in 1488, a so-called Cappers Act mentioned that it was completely forbidden to wear these hats outside the country. Anyone that was caught doing so risked a considerable fine. A century later, the Parliament came up with an act that required every person, with the age of over six years old, to wear a beanie while attending the church on Sunday and important holidays.

Of course, in time, the beanies started to be made in other places than Monmouth. So it got a variety of names along history. Also, back in the 1960s, the first beanie caps reached the New World, with the help of some settlers original from Massachusetts, who found the beanie and took it back home with them. From this point on, the birth of the modern beanie was just a matter of time.

  • Comfortable, chic, and warm

The truth is that a vintage bohemian beanie is indeed a warm, chic, and very comfortable accessory. You can wear it while enjoying a walk, activities in the outdoors while practicing winter sports, and so on. Its cheerful and casual design allows you to match it with a wide range of outfits. It will always be made out of a soft material, even if it will be more difficult to find a wool beanie these days. So, you won’t even feel like you are wearing it, but you will enjoy the warmth it offers. It is not that hard to look cool and be warm at the same time. No matter how you put it, it is worth checking out a vintage boho style beanie and get properly equipped for this year’s cold season.

  • You will display a cool look and take care of yourself at the same time

There’s nothing cooler than showing yourself the respect and care you deserve. Many people avoid wearing a hat because they don’t think that’s cool. Well, you are cool when you decide that it’s best to keep warm instead of being cold and sick all winter long. Besides this, a boho beanie features a modern design that will help you create a cool look at all times. Moreover, all these without compromising your need for comfort.

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